Pre Tan Prep


Preparing for your Session:

* Exfoliate your skin using an oil-free scrub, gloves, or brush 48 and 24 hours prior to your tan.

* Shower at least 4 hours or more prior to your tan. Showering too close can inhibit the skin from absorbing the solution.

* Shave and wax at least 24 hours prior to tanning. Doing so too close to your session, can result in tanning solution collecting in the hair follicles.

* Please come to your appointment free of lotion, deodorant, makeup and perfumes.

* Mani/pedi, facials, and massages should all be done before getting your spray tan

* Please stop using Dove products 48 hours prior to your session. These products can leave a film on the skin that leads to a blotchy tan

Do not come to your session with any other gradual tanner or self tanner on the skin. It will alter the color and results. Please remove prior


During Your Session:

* Bring or wear dark/loose fitting clothing and flip flops for after

* If you choose to tan topless, it is best to not put a bra back on for at least 4 hours

* You may tan in whatever you are most comfortable in.... dark bra and underwear, bathing suit or nothing. Men must wear a bathing suit or underwear. 


After Your Session:

* Do not get wet or sweat while your tan is developing. It's important NOT to wash your hands!

* Shower 8 -12 hours after with a warm water rinse (no soaps or shampoos) until the water runs clear.  This is the guide bronzer showering off.  Do not worry!, Your tan will continue to develop

* If using a rapid solution, you can shower in 2-4 hours depending on the level of darkness that is desired. Again, it still takes 12 hours for the tan to fully develop. Please wait 24 hours to apply makeup and lotions

* The average tan lasts 5-9 days. This is very dependent on proper aftercare:

* Avoid soaps, washes and scrubs that will strip your tan... sulfates, Dove products, exfoliants. I have a body wash available for sale that I highly recommend.

* Moisture, Moisturize, Moisturize! 2 x a day. Always use a lotion that does not contain mineral oil. I have a body lotion available for sale that I highly recommend that is specifically formulated to be used with your spray tan.

* Avoid Hot/long bathes and showers

* Avoid chlorinated swimming pools, hot tubs and seawater as they will reduce your tan

* Use a fresh razor if you must shave

* Pat skin dry after every shower, never rub

* A tan extender can be purchased to extend the life of your tan

Enjoy your GLOW!!!! ☀️☀️